Scott ruigrok

Webflow Developer
& Digital Designer

Welcome. Glad you came. My portfolio is a showcase of my passion for the web and a look into my creativity. Enjoy.

about me

Get to know me

Here are my most relevant need-to-knows.

5 years

Webflow Developer

Where an interest in design and a bachelor in ICT found a match on Webflow in Visual Development.

7 years

Digital Designer

Always keeping in mind the user's experience and coming up with creative solutions.

40+ projects


With a variety of websites online and thriving I am confident of the next one.


Client Collaboration

Close client involvement is a must for creating fitting solutions. Something that is made possible by putting clarity, honesty and direct communication first.


Mixing Expertises

Collaborating with others feeds curiosity which results in more enjoyable work and therefore increasingly effective outcomes.

What else?

Hands on

My passion for digital has been feeling even more satisfying when alternating that with more tangible things like woodworking. I have found that focusing on the other gives time for reflection on the former and vice versa.